Wine Tasting Made Easy

Posted on September 9, 2014 by Alu Wine Bar

VineyardWine tasting is a sophisticated adventure. Appealing to both new and experience wine connoisseurs. There are a few pirces of etiquette you should pay attention to when going on a wine tasting tour, wine tasting in someone’s home, or hosting a wine tasting party.

Before you dive into joining and hosting wine tasting parties, brush up on your expertise by reading an introductory guide.

Wine tasting tours are exciting trips throughout various wine countries – most notably, Northern California’s Napa and Sonoma areas (noted by experts as the most ideal location for wine tasting in California). Wine tasting tour companies such as Uvation Wine Tours are known for their professional approach taking their clientelle on wine tasting trips in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. They recommend that you drink lots of water, and bring plenty of friends and family for your trip. The water is for the heat and because you’ll likely do a lot of walking around the wineries you visit. The friends and family are for the creation of memories. Wine tours are memorable experiences, and you’ll certainly not want to go alone!

If you’re hosting a wine tasting party, you’ll want to provide plenty of water and food for your guests. You don’t have to prepare a large meal. Typically, simply snacks work the best for tasting of wines. Crackers, cheeses, salami, etc. Certain stores such as Whole Foods may be able to help you pair various cheeses and meats together along with various wines to enhance the experience. Make sure there’s a public restroom easily accessible, and you can even ask your guests if the temperature of the house is okay. Make it known up front that this is your first wine tasting party, and you’d like all input from your guests – this will help your forthcoming parties to be even better.

If you’re joining a wine tasting party at a friend or acquaintance’s house, you’ll want to be very generous. Different home owners have different house rules, so- be sure to ask them up front if there’s anything specific you should or should not do. (For example, should you bring your own food? Ask the party host!)

And with all things, be sure you secure some transportation when there is drinking involved. You may want to call a limo service.