Outside Advertising In Pubs And Bars

Posted on January 16, 2015 by Alu Wine Bar

Bars deliver an enormous youth orientated crowd, which is increasingly difficult to attain through traditional media channels. An incredible 77%* of 18-19 year olds and 86% -24 year olds visited with a tavern, pub or nightclub at least one time in the past year.

Oyside bar19 year are essential in lifestyles and UK society, where they play many different jobs with respect to the type of place, its location and decor. Over recent years there has been a substantial change to more branded chains targeting different consumer needs in the marketplace with an absolute shift in the old conventional pub.

The Managing Director of Luminar, the biggest operator of licensed places in Britain, was quoted as saying “It was an utter revolution in drinking habits, 19 year changed hundreds of characterless boozers into booming social centres.”

Mitchells & Butler and spirit Group (once the Bass estate) are now the two largest managed pub businesses. Yet, their pubs are spread across several sectors, including pub restaurants, whereas JD Wetherspoon plc* still leads the high street, with 60 Lloyds cafe bars and some 500 fairly traditional pubs. Mintel’s consumer research carried out for this report demonstrates that far more adults than another pub brand used JD Wetherspoon pubs.

Most Wetherspoon pubs are traditional, are not heavily branded and do not allow advertising, also it’s the smaller firms that have succeeded best in creating striking young people’s places (YPVs). Among these has been the Yates Group, with Ha! Ha! Pub & Canteen as well as the Yates Wine Lodges.

PubsThey’re amazing meeting places for friends, couples and colleagues to go over current events and the newest styles. Which can be why many advertisers have identified pubs, taverns and nightclubs as perfect outside advertising surroundings to not only educate prospective customers about their brands but additionally create a genuine topic of conversation among the trend setters and opinion formers who frequent the places through sampling, beermats and promotional action.

The recent change will have a dramatic effect on the dwell times in pubs, which is currently around 2-3 hours. Clients are able to spend more hours in the sites than in the past, with many licensees typically opening for an additional hour or two on Saturday and Friday. This, says the British Beer and Pub Association, set to the 11 o’clock last orders race to an end, and will lead to more diverse closing times, with punters all leaving the pubs at the same time and drinking against the clock.

BBPA Director of Communications, Mark Hastings, opinions: “The new licensing system has brought our very aged drinking laws into the modern era…the change is about treating adults like grown ups, and giving them much more option for a societal life after eleven o’clock.”

The effectiveness at bringing a money-making youth orientated audience of bars has led to a myriad of outside marketing spend in pub media from an enormous range of types, including Films, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Motoring, Toiletries & Cosmetics, Drinks and Gaming.

Are Inexpensive Wines Good to Drink?

Posted on January 9, 2015 by Alu Wine Bar

Have you ever looked at a row of inexpensive wines in the supermarket and wondered whether they might offer great value for the money? Maybe you have been put off purchasing by thinking that you might get something that could just be undrinkable.

Plenty of folks obviously do by these cheaper alternatives. But there is clearly a difference between drinking such wine turning around a dinner party having a bottle and in the home. So should you risk buying cheaper wine?

Cheap WineIf you have ever tasted really lousy quality wine then you certainly will realize that it is not much fun to drink. It might be excessively sweet or annoyingly, just too dry and acidic. Either way, it is unlikely to be an enjoyable experience.

But do all low-priced wines have such deficiencies? Just because a wine is cheap, that does not mean that it will be awful to drink. Some supermarkets buy in such large amounts that they’re in a position to provide consumers because of this discount deals.

This indicates it can definitely be worth while tasting some of these more affordable options. In case you do thus and find which you do not enjoy the wine and it important to choose a note of that wine’s name. Taking this strategy will allow you to avoid buying wine of the exact same kind again in future.

Equally, if you take care to note examples of real buys you find then you will get the chance to purchase the again in the foreseeable future.

It is taste and the quality that truly matters.

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Losing Weight With Alcohol? Fact vs Fiction

Posted on December 24, 2014 by Alu Wine Bar

Loosing Weight with AlcoholThere’s a lot fact vs. fiction in regards to the truth about alcohol and weight loss. This also can be a painful place for folks that like to drink and are also looking to lose weight. That said, it’s not hopeless still consume alcoholic beverages within acceptable limits and to live healthy.

Will alcohol make me fat?

The idea that alcohol converts to fat is a myth. Unlike essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fat, when alcohol is consumed it needs no digestion and gets special privileges. The reality is that once an alcoholic substance is consumed, converted into it known as acetate. Your own body starts to burn more acetate and thus uses less energy to burn excess fat off when acetate levels climbs. The end result is a less efficient and slower metabolism.

That’s to say that it raises our blood sugar levels quickly and consequently causes a quick release in insulin amounts. This can cause a stimulated appetite for foods from unfavorable alternatives for example starchy carbs and high-fat fried food. It loosens inhibitions which can lead to overeating and also impairs judgment.

The bottom line is the alcohol on its won’t make you fat, but negative food choices you include along with your alcoholic beverages and the empty calories will provide significant challenges to achieving lasting weight reduction results.

May I have alcohol and still lose weight?

You need to beat bad eating (and drinking) habits when beginning any wholesome lifestyle change, but once you are no longer compelled by the carb and sugar addictions that kept you heavy, you can reintroduce alcohol consumption without negative consequences assuming you remain within certain guidelines.


Some studies show that small consumption of alcohol is connected with longevity and better health than abstaining from it altogether. Keep in mind that moderation is essential.

Steer clear of the Sugar

AlcoholYou can find undoubtedly a lot more unfavourable alcoholic drinks than there are ones that are favourable, but it is still possible to have a cocktail that does not overload your body with extra sugar and carbs. Should you want beer, stick with a “light” brand such as Bud Light or Michelob Ultra. Vodka is one of the only real liquors that doesn’t include carbohydrates. If you decide on a blend this kind of club soda or water with a dash of lime you’re saving yourself from the insulin rush that might result from consuming it with juice or flavoured sodas. A final recommend is dry champagne.

So what is the Bottom Line?

While the odd beverage now and again is not going to damage, the important thing is that booze and a slimmer, stronger body just does not mix…only you can decide what is most important to you!

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